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We are your experts in the healthcare market and create transparency in the outpatient care market.
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In our studies, we provide answers to your questions about developments in markets and supply areas.

The focus is on market development, market systematics, the competitive environment and the market perspective.


We support established and new market participants in their positioning and strategic orientation.

Likewise, we advise on the discussion of competitive positions and assessments of risks.


We know the market and can provide valuable advice on assessing transactions as part of a commercial due diligence process.

We can provide our market knowledge immediately and without loss of time.

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The homecare market in Germany: What factors influence patient numbers and spending?

The most important trend in the homecare market is the outpatientization of healthcare, a development driven by factors that will have a significant impact on patient numbers and health insurance spending in the coming years. These include demographic change, medical advances in the care areas of the homecare market, and cost pressure from health insurers, who are thus seeking to close the financing gap left by the healthcare fund. (…)

The hearing aid market in Germany: What influence does technical progress have on the reimbursement market?

Hearing loss is one of the most common diseases in Germany. Currently, around 19% of all Germans (13.3 million people) suffer from reduced hearing ability – and the probability of developing the disease increases with age. Due to the demographic development in Germany, the number of people affected is expected to increase. Only 5.4 million people have been diagnosed with hearing loss by a doctor and only 3.7 million wear hearing aids. This results in an estimated 39 million euros in social damage each year. In recent years, however, the willingness to wear a hearing aid has risen sharply as hearing aids have become smaller and smaller while offering more additional functions and thus becoming more attractive. (…)

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