Stairlifts in Germany and UK


Product Description

Stairlifts, Reimbursement, Stairlift Dealers, Manufacturers, Treppenlifter, Lift

Due to the demographic change many elderly people live in homes with stairs that are steep or have other features that make them difficult to navigate. This need for assistance can simply be addressed with a mobility aid such as a stairlift. The world’s biggest markets for stair lifts are in Europe, USA and Japan. Germany and UK account for the most important European stairlift markets while still facing a rising demand.

The Summary Seven market report „Stairlifts in Germany and UK“ provides executives of manufacturers and dealers an opportunity to get comprehensive information about the prevailing market structures and developments in Germany and UK. The focus of the market report lies on the in-depth description of the competitive situation of manufacturers and dealers and the presentation of market shares and volumes.

In addition the market report presents all relevant market participants (competitor profiles) and highlights their strategic decisions.

Beyond these facts the study answers the following questions to stairlift market in Germany and UK:

  • Which sources of revenue do exist (new stairlifts, refurbished stairlifts, rental of stairlifts, repair & service)?
  • Who is the market leader in Germany/UK?
  • How many dealers exist in Germany/UK and which role do they play?
  • How are stairlifts funded in Germany and UK (reimbursement)?
  • Which market development can be expected?
  • What are trends and future prospects?