Electronic Patient Record


The following questions are answered:

• How many types of patient records exist? How to differentiate one from another?
• Who are the current market leaders for electronic patient records? How are they different from one another?
• SWOT Analysis of Alphabet, Amazon, Apple and Microsoft in Healthcare
• Where can we use AI & NLP in healthcare?
• Comparison of blockchain models along with its benefits and obstacles


By 2050, German population is expected to fall from 83 million to 74 million; thus, impacting the economy due to workforce shortage of 5-6 million employees. 11.1% of German GDP is constituted by the healthcare market and German digital health is expected to touch 35 billion Euros by 2024. Digital health is not confined to electronic patient records but also includes telemedicine, telehealth, health IT and wearable devices.
The Summary Seven market study “ePatient Records” provides business decision makers an insight on current market offerings of electronic patient records, their market share and shortcomings when compared to one another. We also discuss the influence of IT companies on the healthcare sector along with possible incorporation of newer technologies like blockchain in the healthcare industry.