Digitalisation in Discharge Management


The new Summary Seven Market Knowledge Study Digitalization in Discharge Management examined this interface and answered the following questions…

  • What is the legal situation regarding discharge management?
  • What are the interfaces?
  • How could these be digitised?
  • What solutions are available in Germany and other countries?

This study is also available in German.


For many years, the interfaces between types of service providers have represented a major problem area in the healthcare market, which is repeatedly addressed by experts. In particular, the discharge process from hospitals is highlighted. The interface between the clinic and outpatient care is essential for the success of a therapy.

If this transition is well organised and all the partners involved work well together, the success of the treatment is also ensured, but this also means that costs must be kept low.

This transition is characterised by many partners, a lot of paperwork and a lot of coordination. This is where the potential for digitisation lies.

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