Trend Report – Developments in the German Healthcare Market

The current trend report provides an update on current topics and trends in the market and answers the following questions at a glance:

  • What are the implications of Corona for individual market players (medical practices, clinics, pharmacies, service providers, financial investors)?
  • What are the most important legislative changes in 2021 and what are the positions of possible government parties on healthcare?
  • What is the current status on the topic of “electronic patient files” and “e-prescription”, and what advantages do these offer?
  • Where do we currently stand on the topic of “digital health applications”?
  • What have market players learned from the pandemic, what are the future reactions and trends developing from this?


Follow through Corona

  • Quick Facts about the German healthcare market
  • Consequences for medical practices and clinics
  • Consequences for pharmacies and service providers
  • Developments in the investment climate

Laws and policies

  • Most important legislative changes in 2021
  • Parties’ plans for healthcare


  • Electronic patient file, e-prescription, DiGAand other trends
  • Telemedicine, networking and artificial intelligence
  • The road to approval, current areas of application


  • Facts and figures on the Corona pandemic
  • Reactions to the pandemic
  • Changing patient behavior
  • Trends market players will follow
  • Voices from payers


The S7 Trend Report takes a look at individual areas in the German healthcare market under the influence of the Corona pandemic.
The last 18 months have not been without consequences for market players in the healthcare sector and have further and sustainably accelerated the trend toward digitization in healthcare.
With the introduction of the electronic patient file, the e-prescription and apps on prescription, essential topics are being implemented, others with complementary potential for optimization, efficiency enhancement and cost reduction will follow in order to meet the challenges of the market and developments in the future.


Published August 2021
Author Summary Seven Healthcare Consulting GmbH
Language Deutsch, English
Upon request, a German version can be provided within 2 business days.
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