Market knowledge: digital healthcare platforms

Digital health platforms create interfaces between the various players in the healthcare system, thereby bringing all information and services together in one place and optimizing (digital) care structures. Used correctly, digitalization can help to ensure higher quality of care, greater cost efficiency, and an improved patient experience and an optimized work experience for healthcare staff.

The Summary Seven study “Market Insights: Digital Health Platforms” takes an in-depth look at a rapidly evolving business area that will profoundly restructure the healthcare market in the long term, and highlights the opportunities and consequences that will arise from this digital evolution for the industry, as well as with regard to patients and manufacturers.

In doing so, the study answers the following questions, among others:

  • what are the different types of healthcare platforms and how do they work in terms of data collection, data use and financing?
  • what are the success factors for a successful platform strategy?
  • how does the general digital development in the healthcare market influence the business field?
  • Which market players are already established in the market and how do they work?
  • And which players are facing the greatest disruption to their business model as a result of digital health platforms?


Market overview

  • Market environment: Factors influencing the overall market and development
  • Factor influencing digitization in the assistive technology market
  • Corona as a digitalization booster
  • Digital health platforms: Definition and background
  • Functionality, financing and design options of healthcare platforms
  • Different types of health platforms
  • Data collection and data use by digital health platforms
  • Market conditions and issues for development
  • Changes in the market for digital health platforms

Market systematic

  • Legal foundations of digitalization
  • Digitization law DVPMG
  • Electronic patient record – current state of development
  • e-PA: Big Data and the benefits in diagnostic procedures
  • GOÄ billing for telemedical services
  • Who will pay for platform services in the future?
  • Benefits of digital health platforms (e.g. physicians)

Market data

  • Facts about the healthcare market: Digitization and starting point for healthcare platforms
  • Expected share of digital products/services in healthcare by 2025
  • Global revenue from AI and telemedicine by 2026
  • Corona impact on digital health industry
  • Digital health companies most impacted by Corona by segment

Market participants

  • Brief profiles of selected market participants:
    24 Health GmbH/platform, TeleClinic GmbH, MDoc GmbH, HealthHero Germany GmbH/FERNARZT.
  • Bewatec Connected Care GmbH: Subcontractor of large corporations with IT solutions in the healthcare market
  • IT solutions for individual process steps
  • Cooperations of different market participants
  • Other selected telemedicine platforms (worldwide)

Market perspective

  • Disruption through platforms in the healthcare market
  • Success factors in the area of digital health platforms
  • Digital health platforms – a look into the future


Published August 2022
Author Summary Seven Healthcare Consulting GmbH
Language English
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