Market knowledge: Care aids intended for consumption

The Summary Seven study Market knowledge of care aids intended for consumption offers an exciting insight into the current market conditions for the supply of care aids and, above all, also takes a look at the structure of the supply channels. These are developing against the backdrop of digitalization, demographic change and legal restrictions, such as a monthly flat rate.


Market overview

  • Care market in Germany: Persons in need of care and their development
  • Market for consumer care aids in Germany: Market volume and patient numbers by social and private care insurance and care pathway

Market system

  • Product split within the boxes for nursing aids intended for consumption
  • Market shares and sales volumes with respective products
  • Overview of manufacturers of nursing aids for consumption
  • Supply channels

Market participants

  • Offline suppliers: Pharmacies, medical supply stores and homecare companies
  • Online suppliers: Curabox, Schülke, Curablu, Hygibox, Sanubi, Aponova, Pflege-Paket, Promedica 24, Curendo, Medsorg

Market perspective

  • Market trends
  • Cross-selling potential
  • Success factors of a supplier of care aids intended for consumption
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This is a niche market with huge potential due to the virtually untapped theoretical patient volume, in which the provider situation is constantly changing. In addition to political and legal hurdles, it is also necessary to create innovative care paths in order to set oneself apart from the competition and to build a successful business model with straightforward processes. In a market that is certain to continue growing, this presents a unique opportunity for all service providers in and around care in Germany.

The study answers the following questions, among others:

  • What issues and trends are driving the market?
  • What supply channels are there in the market for care aids intended for consumption?
  • Which products are particularly in demand – is there cross-selling potential?
  • Which – especially online – market players are there?


Published April 2022
Author Summary Seven Healthcare Consulting GmbH
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