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Market knowledge as a source of added value

We specialize in the healthcare market and create transparency in the outpatient care market.

Summary Seven supports market participants through market knowledge and lived networks.


In our studies, we provide answers to your questions about developments in markets and supply areas.

The focus is on market development, market systematics, the competitive environment and the market perspective.


We support established and new market participants in their positioning and strategic orientation.

In addition, we advise on the discussion of competitive positions and the assessment of risks.


We know the market and provide valuable advice on assessing transactions as part of a commercial due diligence process.

We can share our market knowledge promptly and with no loss of time.

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” (Benjamin Franklin)

We would like to thank our customers who always trust in us and our services.



New study: Market knowledge: Care aids intended for consumption

This is a niche market with huge potential due to the virtually untapped theoretical patient volume, in which the provider situation is constantly changing. In addition to political and legal hurdles, it is also necessary to create innovative care paths in order to set oneself apart from the competition and to build a successful business model with straightforward processes. In a market that is certain to continue growing, this presents a unique opportunity for all service providers in and around care in Germany.

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