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Michele Jennae

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Summary Seven Healthcare Consulting


Homecare Market, Homecare Products, Market Competitors, Market Systematics, Trends

    Summary Seven Healthcare Consulting

    Nursing Care

    Nursing Care (Outpatient, Inpatient), Intensive Care, Nursing Care Software

      Summary Seven Healthcare Consulting


      Digitalization, Digital Health Apps (DiGA), Digital Care Apps (DiPA), Start-Ups, Electronic Patient Record and Electronic Prescription

        Summary Seven Healthcare Consulting

        Medical Aids

        Medical Products, Market Development, Reimbursement Development

          Prescription Billing

          Pharmacies and other Service Providers, Billing Audits

            Payers (SHI, PHI)

            Product Groups, Reimbursement Types, Contracts

              Medical Care Centres/ Specialized Physicians

              Market Systematics, Consolidation, Contractual Relationships

                Summary Seven Healthcare Consulting


                Purchasing groups, medical technology trade, discharge management, purchasing

                  Summary Seven Healthcare Consulting

                  Product Certification and Reimbursement

                  Certification Regulations, Product Launch, Reimbursement of new Products

                    Summary Seven Healthcare Consulting


                    Transaction consulting, due diligence

                      Summary Seven Healthcare Consulting

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