Data protection as a roadblock to digitization in healthcare?

For many, the terms digitization and healthcare are still two separate areas, and this despite the fact that at the same time, the personal collection of health data via smartphones and wearables continues to increase. Counting steps, measuring heart rate and blood sugar, and tracking sleep quality – health data has long been managed not … Read more

Summary Seven moves into offices in the Old Fire Station in Münster

Following the successful relaunch of the company’s website in the fall of 2021, a change of scenery was also recently on the agenda for the Summary Seven team. In March, we were able to move into the newly renovated offices in the Old Fire Station (Bernhard-Ernst-Straße 12) in Münster’s harbor – a building with charm … Read more

Life with dementia: alternative forms of housing are urgently needed

Dementia gets its name from the Latin words de, or “without,” and mens, or “mind,” which join to mean “madness”, although in English, dementia is not the same thing as madness. In general, dementia is a term for reduced mental abilities severe enough to impair those affected in carrying out their daily lives. There are … Read more

Homecare Market Overview: What Is Unique About the German Homecare Market?

The term homecare refers to the provision of medical aids to patients either at home or in nursing facilities and senior citizens’ homes. The provision of these products is dependent on product- and patient-specific services. Thus, homecare services are not to be confused with those of outpatient care services which normally provide basic and treatment … Read more

S7 event: Healthcare Start-Ups and their Entry into the Reimbursement Market

Recently, market experts have been observing an increasing numer of disruptive digital health start-ups edging into the healthcare market. Since this market is highly regulated in Germany and in many European countries, experience has shown that there are obstacles hindering market entry. To provide late-stage startups, healthcare market executives and health insurers with an innovative … Read more