Who we are

and what drives our work


“There is an answer to every question. For every problem there is a solution.

Frank Altmeyer – Founder, creative mind, CEO

„Summary Seven“— market studies in 7 days — the name says it all and builds the foundation of the business idea that founder Frank Altmeyer had almost 20 years ago. The goal was to provide decision-makers with basic answers to questions about the healthcare market in the form of studies and in a defined structure at an affordable price. In addition, our experts are ready to answer any further questions customers may have about the market after they have purchased their studies.

The fact that the areas of strategic and transactional consulting developed alongside the study business was a logical consequence. The intensive exchange with market participants on the data and information provided demanded complimentary consulting and implementation support. The S7 team is driven by enthusiasm for an exciting market that is subject to many opportunities and challenges and the will to find solutions that benefit the customer. Many years of expertise in theory and practice and a living network offer customers real added value, as do market proximity and expedition.


We know the market in which we operate from both practical experience and the perspective of various market participants.


Our lived network guarantees first-hand knowledge.


In addition to standardized studies, we offer individual market analyses on request – feel free to contact us!